12 May 2011

Therefore we offer 2 full weeks at our Casina di Rosa in Tuscany at a reduced price. Read more!

Holiday urgently needed

casina di rosa

Many people think that, when you work in tourism, your life is a year-round holiday. We have plenty of friends who tell us: “so you rent out a place in Tuscany… wow that must be like being on holiday all the time“. Ehm… actually it’s not.

The fact is that we love it, and we have had a chance to meet so many incredible people over the years (check my post A lucky day in the life of a vacation rental owner – and we have been lucky enough to have plenty of those days, and by the way… I need to apologize to the guests who I haven’t had a chance to meet in person over the last couple of months! You have no choice, you need to come back next year!), and that makes it well worth it.

But, since it is not our main occupation, what happens is that I am stuck at the University (which is my main occupation) from September to July and then when I could go on holiday because the University shuts down for the summer, that is our high-season for the vacation rentals. And even throughout the school year, when my colleagues can afford to take the weekend off, well, we have cleaning to do and guests to check in and out, so we are stuck at home again.  As a matter of fact, our life is quite the opposite of a never-ending vacation: we do get a chance to feel somewhat on holiday when we have time to spend some time with our guests, but as a matter in fact we work essentially 365 days a year. But what can you do? Every rewarding job comes with a lack of free time.

If I could live off of this, I would give up academia in a heartbeat. At least I would have a few months off in winter when the tourist demand is low. But as long as we have loans and mortgages to pay back for the investments we made for the renovations and all, I need to do something else too.

So here is the thing. We would really like to leave for a few days in June this year to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. We still have two vacant weeks at Casina di Rosa, from June 18 to July 2. And here comes the blatant advertising: we are happy to give 10% off our regular prices to guests who want to rent the house for the two full weeks. The rental price for both weeks would be 900 euros in high season and we don’t charge for anything extra. Final cleaning, all expenses, air-conditioning, internet  access, washing machine, linens and towels, parking space: it’s all included.

Vacation house in Tuscany

So if you are interested in coming to Tuscany, or if you know someone who might and who is looking into renting a place in a little village in the Tuscan countryside, please contact usWe feel very generous and we really need that holiday… LOL

Tuscany holiday villa

The place is very convenient for visiting most of the most popular sites in southern Tuscany (check Where should we base ourselves in Tuscany? and What to see in Southern Tuscany). It’s equally distant from the coast of the Maremma if you want to go to the beach, to Siena and to Montalcino. There is plenty in the area to keep you busy for two weeks, and you always come back to a quiet non-touristy place which is a real community. (Have I convinced you yet? LOL)

June in Tuscany

Please help us spread the word! Thanks!

End of blatant self-promotion. 🙂


  1. Now this is a deal and a half. I would love to take you up on the offer if it were a little closer. I appreciate your thoughts on the 365 days a year on call, we used to do the same, working away from home then entertaining at home. Your property looks amazing and I am sure many would love to come and visit. If you are ever in Margaret River Western Australia look us up.

  2. Hi Benji, thank you for your comment! I wish Australia was closer, so we could visit it!! LOL


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