21 Jan 2011

…or from Pisa airport to Pisa Central Train Station, or from the station to the Leaning Tower, or… have you considered using Pisa as a base?

How to travel from Pisa to Florence…

lam rossa pisa

Update June 2017

If I had a euro for each time I have answered this question via email, on forums, on Twitter even…! So I’ve decided to write a post with some (hopefully) clear information about Pisa airport, about going from Pisa airport to Pisa central train station or to the Leaning Tower, or from Pisa airport and Central Station to Florence, so that from now on I will simply refer people to this post.

pisa airport to the leaning tower

A lazy Italian, that’s what I am.

Pisa Arport or Florence Airport?

Pisa, Pisa, Pisa. Florence airport is small, dangerous, sad. That’s just my opinion of course, but I have travelled to and from both and Florence airport has always been a painful experience. Also, getting out of it by car is not easy and low cost airlines don’t fly there. Of course many Florence fans will disagree, but as I have already written, I’m stating my opinion here, not an absolute, universal truth.

Pisa and Florence are 1h apart and there are frequent trains and buses between the two cities, so I strongly believe Pisa is a much better choice.

Truth be told, some central and northern European destinations are better connected to Florence airport, but in general, I do all I can to avoid Florence airport just out of fear that the plane might land on the nearby Ikea store…

How far is Pisa airport from the city?

Pisa airport, contrary to most low cost airline destinations’ airports, is in the city. Literally. You could literally walk to the train station.
Very convenient.

How can I go from Pisa airport to Florence?

Up until last month (May 2017), you had plenty of inexpensive choices. Unfortunately, not anymore.

  1. There is no train station at Pisa airport anymore. It has been substituted by the brand new Pisa Mover, the shuttle which connects the airport to the central train station. The service is available every day from 6:00 am to midnight at 5/8 minute intervals. The very short ride costs 2,70 euros. Once at the station, you will need to find your way to the train to Florence Santa Maria Novella. There are regular trains every 15 – 30 minutes. You can see the official Trenitalia website for the schedule and fares. The basic ticket is 8,40 euros and the ride is approx. 50 minutes.
  2. By train from Pisa Centrale. Trains leave every 15-30minutes from the Central Train Station (Pisa Centrale). The basic fare is 8,40 euros and the ride is approx. 50 minutes.
  3. By bus. Terravision buses leave from outside the arrivals area and can take you to Florence Santa Maria Novella (the central train station, right downtown) in 70 minutes for 10 euros. If you buy the return ticket, the fare is now 10 euros and not 16 euros as it used to be; the price is 6 euro for oneway ticket and there is a special price for tickets bought online (4,99 euro for one way tickets).  I would like to thank Veronica again for this information!. Buses run between 8:40 am and 12:20 am, so for late flights this is the only option. Since June 13 2011 a new busline has also been operating. It’s called Autostradale and offers one way tickets from 9.50 euros per person and round tickets for 15.50 euros. On the Pisa airport website you can find schedules and prices for both these companies.

Then of course there are taxis and they usually charge approx. 130 euros. Here is the official website for the taxi company in Pisa called CO.TA.PI. And last but not least, there are many car rental agencies and some of them offer transfer services in minivans with driver for groups of up to 7 people.

How can I go from Pisa airport to the central train station?

This is the biggest change. And in my opinion, the saddest one.

  1. The only way is by people mover or taxi. The people mover is expensive, 2,70 euros for a very short ride. The bus was very convenient, but I guess the city needed to bring some money in to cover the cost of the investment…
  2. There are no more city buses reaching the airport. The airport and the train station used to be both on the “red line”, linea rossa, which was the itinerary followed by the LAM Rossa bus, which stopped at the airport every 8 to 15 minutes according to the time of the day and would take you to the central train station in 5 minutes for a 1,20 euro (2 euros if purchased on the bus). Well, that’s no longer an option. However, local’s insight, if you are travelling light, you can just walk to Via dell’Aeroporto, past the roundabout by via Pardi and you can get on the LAM Verde bus for the same price. It’s a 5 minute walk from the airport. You might not want to deal with the trouble but if you are travelling on a shoestring, or just out of principle, that’s your only option to avoid the Pisa Mover to get to the station. You can purchase a ticket at the tobacco shop right by the roundabout for 1,20 euros. Or if you are travelling with some friend, you can get a carnet of tickets (4 ride and 10 ride carnets are available and each ticket is cheaper).
  3. By taxi. The taxi ride may cost between 6,50 and 10 euros. There is a fee for your luggage too.

If it’s a nice day and you don’t have much luggage you can even walk.

How can I go from Pisa airport or train station to the Leaning Tower?

The change in bus lines makes a difference in this journey too The airport, the central train station and the Leaning Tower were all on the same city bus line (Linea Rossa). The LAM Rossa, the city bus that serviced it, ran every 8 to 15 minutes and connected the airport to the train station in 5 minutes and then goes on to the Leaning Tower in approx 10 minutes. Not anymore. Now you first have to get to the station (see above). Then from there you can get on the LAM Rossa. The bus ticket is always 1,20 euro (2 euros if purchased on the bus) and it is valid for 60 minutes (that even gives you time to hop off at the station, leave your luggage, and hop on the next Lam Rossa). If you get on the bus at the train station, they stop outside the NH- Hotel Jolly dei Cavalieri, opposite to the station.

You can also walk from the station to the Leaning Tower. Pisa is flat and the city center is small and beautiful. Check our walking itineraries in Pisa.

As a last, more pricey alternative, you can get a cab. The fare is 8 to 12 euros.

What is the best station to go to the Leaning Tower?

Many people come to Pisa from Florence to see the Leaning Tower. I recommend they take the time to explore the rest of the center which is really neat. Pisa has two train stations: Pisa Centrale and Pisa San Rossore.

Pisa San Rossore is closer to the Leaning Tower but it is on a secondary line so, unless you are coming from Lucca, get on a train that goes to Pisa Centrale or it will take much longer. There are frequent buses between Pisa Centrale and the Leaning Tower (they leave from outside the NH- Hotel Jolly dei Cavalieri, opposite to the station). Or you can walk: the center is small, it takes 30 minutes or less and it is good for your heart and soul!

Use Pisa as your base…

Have you considered choosing Pisa as a base for your stay in northern Tuscany? The city is pretty, it’s a great transportation hub where you don’t need to rent a car and it’s excellent to visit Lucca, Florence, Cinque Terre and even to go to beach. It’s a lively university city, full of little restaurants and bars, interesting museums and beautiful buildings. June is no doubt the best month to be around. Oh, and I forgot to say that we have a really nice vacation rental apartment in Pisa, Behind the Tower… have I convinced you? LOL


  1. Thanks Gloria for this. I frequently have to tell visitors the various options and I invariably lose my notes and have to go back and double-check on facts. Now I have it all conveniently documented in so much better detail than I could do it myself! xx

  2. Thank you Sheila, I found myself answering the same questions over and over on Tripadvisor, Slowtalk and everywhere… So, here it is. I’ll update the info if it changes.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Ahhh, but I have never been to the Ikea store 😉

    Seriously, GREAT post! Although Pisa is not in the cards for me this summer, I do hope to get back there someday!!

    AND I agree, there is definitely more to Pisa than just the Leaning Tower, although I must say, it was one of the most exciting climbs I have done in Italy.

  4. You can reach Pisa central station by train from the airport, too! Tomorrow you can read my post about Pisa as the base for a vacation in tuscany 🙂

    • Debbie

      Dear Gloria
      I am travelling to Italy with my family we have 6 days only. Does this sound like a good itinerary?
      Rome 1.5 days then fly to Pisa
      Stay 1 day in Pisa and then 2 in cinque terra.
      Travel by train to Florence for 1 day
      Hire a car to visit friends in San grimignano 1 day if time allows
      Catch plane in Florence to Athens

      • No need to fly from Rome to Pisa, go by train. I would cut the time in Cinqueterre if not alltogether in favor of Rome or Florence, at least one day. Rome is huge, with plenty to see.

  5. Hi Michela, that’s right. But you have to wait for the next train. The city bus is much more frequent and just as fast if you don’t have a train waiting there at Pisa aeroport. And it leaves from right outside arrivals area. Tomorrow I’m going to pick some guests up at the airport, I’ll take a couple of pictures. Looking forward to your article about using Pisa as a base! Can we get a link from it? 🙂

  6. here’s the article http://www.turismo.intoscana.it/allthingstuscany/aroundtuscany/pisa-low-cost-city-break/ ! You’re right about the bus, it’s more frequent, but if you catch the train you are sure to arrive in pisa central station 😀 in italy the small maps with buses’ paths are sometimes difficult to understand to me, because you are supposed to know every bus stop’s name :@

  7. Great post, Gloria! Do you have any advise about flying into Pisa from the U.S. and then taking a train into Monterosso, Cinque Terre? I’ve been flying into Milan and then 1 hr. bus ride to train station in Milano for a 3 hour non-stop ride to Monterosso. I was hoping Pisa would be easier, but probably we’d have to change trains? Thanks.

  8. Hi Michela, there is just one bus at the airport, and it takes you strait to the station, where it stops for a few minutes. So no worries!

    Lenora, thank you! There is a direct Delta flight from NY. However I am sure there are much cheaper alternatives if you are willing to change somewhere. When we go to Canada we go Pisa-Paris-Montreal/Toronto, for many flights from the States I guess you have to transfer to a new flight either in London or Frankfurt. Possibly Amsterdam and Munich too.

    Then you need to get on a train to La Spezia and change there to go to Monterosso. It takes 1h.

  9. Becky

    Hi Gloria,
    Great post thank you. I am travelling to Pisa on my own for the first time on easter sunday (24th April) and i’m wondering how the train/bus service will be affected. Do you know or could you point me in the direction of a current timetable?
    Thanks again

  10. Becky

    Sorry i should of added that I am staying in Florence so will need to travel there. My flight lands at 11.05am

  11. Ciao Becky,

    for the trains you can check http://www.ferroviedellostato.it for the city buses, here is the schedule for the LAM Rossa bus: http://www.cpt.pisa.it/orari/pisa/linea01.html
    You need to click on “Aeroporto”, and then the schedule you want is “Festivo”. The times with the star are not available on Easter Sunday. If you land at 11:05 you should have no problems getting on the 11:33 am bus to the station. There is atrain from PIsa centrale at 11:32, so you might not make it in time, and one one hour later. Check the terravision buses too.

  12. Rana

    Thanks for this information.
    Am I right to understand that I don’t need to prebook a train ticket from Pisa airport to Florence?

  13. Hi Rana,

    that’s correct. No need to pre-book a train ticket. You do need to pre-book a Terravision bus ticket if you choose that option.

  14. Hi, I’m jess.
    I am travelling from rome to Pisa ( Tutte Le Stazioni ) by trenitalia. Then, I’m thinking of travelling from pisa to Florence (S. M. Novella ) by train on 24/7. I’ve checked the trenitalia train timing from it’s website but there is NA. Is there other option i can go to florence? Do I need to book the ticket online first or i can able to buy it on the day?

  15. Hi Jess, that seems funny. There are trains from Pisa Centrale to Firenze Santa Maria Novella (Firenze SMN) every 20 minutes during the central hours of the day and every 30 to 60 minutes during the rest of the day up to 11:15pm.
    Check the Trenitalia website.

  16. Thanks for the info.
    Btw, do u think it is better to book the tickets online first or buy it on the day?

    • It depends on the train to Pisa. If you choose a Eurostar you need a reservation. No need to purchase ahead of time the train ticket from Pisa to Florence.

  17. Lauren

    Thanks for this, such a helpful page! Is it okay to take suitcases on the LAM Rossa bus though?

    • Of course!

      • I was curious about taking luggage on the bus also so thanks for answering that question. Is the bus option quicker and better than taking the train from the airport to pisa centrale, storing my luggage and walk to the tower. Walk back to Pisa centrale and continue on to Florence by train?

  18. Denise

    Ciao Gloria,
    Thanks for this blog! I am arriving at the airport in Pisa on 16 July ’11 at 11.40, and then need to get to Firenze. I have been trying to figure out if the bus or train would be easier for me. The bus seems to be easier as it departs outside arrivals, yes? However, if I don’t make the 12.45 bus or it is full, there is not another until 15.10. I don’t want to wait over 2 hours for the next one.

    The train station is on the other side of the terminal, correct? Is it far? How do I get there with my bags and all? And the trains run about every 2 hours also so I could end up waiting anyway, correct?

    I found a van service for euro 120 (world airport transfer.com), which is the least expensive fare I’ve found.

    What’s your best advice?


    Denise, NY

    • Hi Denise,

      some trains stop just by the departure gates (arrivals and departures are in the same building, so very close). Others depart from Pisa Centrale, 5 minutes by city bus (LAM rossa) which leaves from outside the arrivals area every 10 minutes. Both very easy. If you miss the bus, check trains. There are plenty at that time of the day.

  19. Venugopal


    I am travelling from Interlaken to Rome and on the way I want to see the leaning tower of Pisa. Since I will be having luggage I would like to know if there are any places @ the Pisa Central Station where I can store these luggaes for a couple of hours. Also I wouold like to know how safe it is.

    Venugopal G

    • I think there is a luggage storage at the central train station.

  20. Rachel

    Do you know if the LAM Rossa bus runs on a SUnday? Thats the day we arrive, adn wasn’t sur eif they would runn. Thanks!

    • It does, although less frequently

      • Rachel

        Thanks! And apologies for the terrible spelling, I clearly didn’t proofread that!

        • LOL, no problem!

  21. barry

    Hi, Gloria , Do you have any tips for hiring and cycling in Pisa and maybe riding to the seaside . Thanks ,

    • Hi Barry, yes, you can rent bikes from Toscana in Tour. Their office is on a street parallel to Piazza dei Miracoli. Biking to the beach is not very safe though… you can go from Pisa to Bocca d’Arno and Marina di Pisa, but I don’t think there is a proper bycicle lane. I would recommend biking through the Park of San Rossore instead to the beach of Vecchiano, which is a protected area, so no traffic. See this page with the itinerary.

  22. Thank you Gloria, this was very helpful.

    Quick question: I tried looking up tickets on trenitalia.com from Florence to Pisa in November. Though times of trains show up but I am unable to see the price/purchase them. Any idea why that is?

    Also, any idea on how the weather will be in Cinque Terre in mid-November?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Maybe it’s because you don’t need to buy tickets for regional trains beforehand. I think you can just buy them at the station and you can’t book seats anyway.
      The weather is very unpredictable these days. Mid November can be either cold and dry or mild but rainy. You can check up to 15 days in advance on Il Meteo. It’s quite reliable.

  23. Ah – Thank you.
    At last some great information!
    Well done!

  24. Hi how easy is it to travel from Florence to Citaldo on a Sunday in June. Many Thanks Geraldine

    Found this blog so useful thanks.

  25. Sunshyne

    Is there a way to store luggage at Pisa Airport so I can travel into Tuscany before going to my hotel?

    • What do you mean? Pisa is in Tuscany.
      I don’t think there is a storage at the airport, but I am sure your hotel has a solution for guests arriving before the check-in time.

  26. Gloria, thank you so much for your invaluable information – it’s people like you who make the internet such a wonderful thing !
    I’ll be arriving in Pisa Friday dec 16th to visit Firenze and Pisa, and your blog certainly will help making planning and preparation easier by a whole magnitude.
    Grazie Mille !

  27. David

    Hi Gloria,

    Excellent information. We have looked for it ever since planning our trip.

    We are planning a trip to Florence from 27 Dec. Is the choice of budget airline flight to Pisa airport a wise choice?

    If we want to explore the Tuscany region in the winter, is it another good idea? and how to do it?

  28. Thanks for all the useful info. Arriving on the 31st December. Will be staying in a hotel in Piazza Santa Croce with my 2 kids. Is that far from the train station? Thanks again.

  29. Kumars

    In order to reduce the train ticket price(Pisa to Venice) we plan to take the bus or local train to Florence and then from there train to Venice.
    How much does it cost (Bus or train) from Pisa centrale to Florence Train station?

    • Trains are always the cheapest option between Pisa and Florence.

  30. Thanks for this info. I’m arriving in 2 days in Pisa for a Florence 4-day stay. I was not sure if it would be easy to go from the airport to Florence with a stop to the leaning tower, but now I’m sure that I will see it (under some snow maybe ^^)

  31. Mary Lou Smith

    I am going from Venice to Cinque Terra then Pisa then Florence. I already have paid hotel reservations in Venice, Cinque Terra and Florence. My question is What is the fastes route from Venice to Cinque Terra I can fly or take the train? Also I thought on the way to Florence I would stop at Pisa. Is this a good idea,or should I go to Pisa on a day trip once I get to Florence? I don’t want to waste time on a day trip to Pisa if I will drive by it on a train. Traveling by car is not an option.

    • I think you have to go by train: from Venice to Florence, from Florence to Pisa, from Pisa to La Spezis then Riomaggiore, the first of the five villages. Flying is not an option I think, and a car would be more trouble than comfort because your destinations are very well connected by frequent trains.

      I would recommend a day trip to Pisa so that you can enjoy the city rather than the Leaning Tower alone.

      • Another of my questions. glad im not the only one. We are going from Florence to Cinque Terre(Monterosso)then on to Venice. I dont really want to come back down to florence and the trip via milan seems very long. I read that you can go through Bologna. Can you please advise quickest route…I think im looking at around 6 hours regardless?

  32. sagar

    thank u this is all most all helpful to everyone as right now we r heading to the same direction by seeing ur guides thanks from my heart thankful to u

    • My pleasure. If you find out that something has changed, please let me know!

  33. Jacqui

    Hi – we have a group of 6 adults and 6 kids travelling from Pisa to Rome. We were planning on dropping our rental cars at Pisa airport and travelling by train to Rome – one way – sat July 14 2012 – however, having challenges trying to figure out the train schedule etc! Can you provide advise / guidance? Thanks

    • Hi Jacqui, the railway system’s website is probably not showing July schedule yet. But you can take a look at a closer date: the times won’t change much. Actually probably they won’t change at all. Trains to Rome are. Dry frequent, 1 every two hours I believe. My recommendation is that you drop everybody at the train station and go drop off your cars. The train station is only minutes away from the airport. The drivers can go back to the station by bus or taxi.
      To check the train schedule http://www.trenitalia.com

  34. barry

    Hi Gloria it`s Barry again ,could you please tell me if there are any swimming pools open to the public in Pisa ? Also have you got any tips on how to pronounce the names of towns such as Viareggio,Lucca,Florence .Thanks, bye

    • I don’t think there are, but the coast is 10 minutes away, so you can go to the beach very easily. as for the pronunciation, check http://www.forvo.com/

  35. Chris and Rosy Russell

    Hi Gloria,First and foremost what a wonderful website full of information which is actually useful. Thank You.
    My wife and I will be making our first visit to Pisa in late April and will be satying at Hotel Touring Pisa which is a stone’s throw from the Central Railway station. Are we far from restaurants to visit in the evening or is it a walk back into the centre of town? Also seeing you mention Florence we think that would also make a good day out. Is the return train timetable as often as the trains going to Florence?
    Many thanks again.
    Chris Russell

    • Thank you Chris and Rosy! The hotel you are staying at is close to Corso Italia, so in the center. The center is small in Pisa so you are close to anything wherever you are between the Tower and the Station. There are plenty of restaurants you can walk to. I particularly like Le Repubbliche Marinare.

      • Chris and Rosy Russell

        Thanks Gloria, I have made our reservation at the restaurant. In your opinion is it walking distance to the beach? My guide book doesn’t make it very clear and I am not sure if there are things to see inbetween or would we be better getting a bus?
        Again many thanks for your valued opinion.

        • No, the beach is a few km away. You can bike there or you can go by bus. Or if you prefer the Versilia you can go to Viareggio by train. The bus station is right opposite your hotel.

          • Chris and Rosy Russell

            Hi Gloria,
            We have just got back from our trip to Pisa and we thought we would drop you a short note to say thank you for your restaurant recommendation. It was so good we actually ate there on two nights and would thouroughly recommend it to anyone visiting Pisa. We also took the train to Florence for a day trip and again had a great time. Thanks again for your assistance.
            Kind Regards, Chris and Rosy

          • Glad to hear! 🙂

  36. This is wonderful, thank you for your helpful post! On April 6 or so, I am planning to fly from Seville to Pisa, not Florence (after reading your post) and make Pisa my base. However, I land at midnight. How far are you from Pisa airport and what is the best way to get to your hotel at this time of the night? Thanks!

    • Hi! Glad to be useful! We have a rental apartment not a hotel (unfortunately!): http://www.behindthetower.com we usually pick up our guests when they arrive so late, but unfortunately the apartment is already booked for that period! There are plenty of nice places in the city though, and it’s a really nice place to base yourself! Have fun!

  37. Hi
    flying out on 2 april weather looks good and coming back sat 7th april 2012

    where is the best place to stay pisa ? florence ? or somewhere else

    also looking for a good clean hotel in either city not modern but quaint

    any views

    much appreciatted


    • Hi Steve, sorry I saw this too late. I can’t be inpartial on this one! I would have to answer “in Pisa at our rental apartment, http://www.behindthetower.com/” LOL

  38. Andrew Kimball

    i am first time travelling to Italy end of May 2012, and wanted to spend a weekend over in Florence & Pisa.
    can you advise what the best and economic ways to vist place like the leaning tower of Pisa , some famous museums . i dont mind taking the buses and trains.

    • Hi, you can use public transportation both in Pisa and florence or walk. Both very walkable cities.

  39. Hi! Firstly, I would like to say your post is great. Thanks for it.
    But I have some questions.
    Are there any stops between Pisa and Florence? I will take train.
    Are there any discounts for students for train tickets?

    Thank you in advance

    • There are many stops in between, and different trains stop at different stations. As to the discounts I am not sure. There used to be. You need to check the railway system website or ask at the station. In any case you will need an international student card to prove your status. http://www.trenitalia.com

      • Chris and Rosy Russell

        Having just made the trip from Pisa to Florence I can say that there is a fast train at 09.11 and it takes 50 minutes. Cost €7.40 each way. Hope this helps

  40. Hi
    We (2 families 5 adults+ 2children) were planning to take the train from Florence into Pisa and after spending time in Pisa rent a car so we can head down to San Gimignano, Siena, Chianti before returning to Florence.
    I was wondering if you could comment on this plan. Any suggestions on where to take the train into, when and where to rent,
    Will we be able to find a 7 seater and are they convenient to take into the heat of Tuscany? How long should we plan for – on the road?
    Thanks much

    • I guess you are talking about days, not a daytrip, right?

  41. Hi Gloria
    Thank you for all this super information. We are visiting Pisa next weekend and hope to go to Florence on the Sunday as we arrive quite late Saturday evening. Do you know the time of the last train from Florence to Pisa? Also could you advise on what the weather is like at this time of year.

    Thank you (we will try and stay at your apartment next time).

  42. Jooles

    Hi Gloria
    We are visiting Tuscany in May – just a couple of weeks away. We are travelling from Florence to Cinque Terra by train and would like to go via Lucca (we visited Pisa a couple of years ago). Is it possible to book a ticket straight through and break the journey at Lucca.

    Thank you

    • Tickets only last for 6 hours so you should probably buy separate tickets. The price should be the same or very similar.

  43. Ann

    Hi Gloria – I will be arriving in Pisa by cruise ship. How easy is it to find Pisa centrale station from the port to take a day trip to trip to Firenze?

    • Very easy. Actually you can go straight to Florence from Livorno if you don’t want to visit Pisa. Otherwise, all trains from Livorno stop at Pisa Centrale.

  44. Rajiv Tandon

    Hi. Your posts are really great. I am going to be staying at the Hotel Athenaeum 88, Via Cavour, 50129, Florence. Is it possible to go from there to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower say around after 2 pm and be back to the hotel by 10 pm or so. I am travelling with family incl. 2 teenagers. What is the best travel option and can one get transport from close to the hotel to go to Pisa ?

    • Definitely. Not sure about the location of the hotel in Florence I am afraid.

  45. Jacki

    Hi Gloria
    What do you suggest as the best train travel option from Rome from Pisa? via Florence or direct to Rome? Is the direct train route more scenic? I have looked at and costed both options just wondered if you had a preference.

    • Jacki

      oops meant Pisa to Rome.:)

      • Definitely directly to Rome. Pisa and Rome are on the same line, the coastal line, with very frequent trains of different types.

  46. Paula

    Hi Gloria,

    Your posts are very useful. One question, we are thinking of coming to Pisa 5th or 6th September for 8 or 9 days, is the weather still nice in September?

    • Thank you Paula! September is usually still full-on summer. Unless we have an unusual cool wave, you will need short sleeves and a fan! 🙂

      • Paula

        Thank you, very helpful….

        • Paula

          Hi Gloria,

          Thank you for your reply to my question in April.

          I have another question, I have heard that you have many mosquitoes during the warmer months, does that apply to month of September.

          • September is still summer weather, so yes.

          • Paula

            Thank you Gloria, I mustn’t forget the bug spray….

          • Paula

            Hi Gloria,

            Me again, have booked our tip to Pisa, really looking forward to it.

            We are then going onto Florence, do you have advice on getting to Rome from Florence. I’m thinking train, but bus would be OK to.

            Your advice is always appreciated.

  47. Elaine

    Hi, Gloria,
    WE are planing to have a five days trip to Tuscany. I know it is rather short.
    We will likely arrive Pisa first (and fly back from Pisa).
    I wonder if we should stay in Florence or Pisa for the connivence of traveling around Tuscany.
    We are a group of 7 with all young and old. Would it be better or easier if we hire an apartment near train station ?
    Thank you.


  48. Benjamin

    Hi Gloria,
    Thankyou so much for your posts. We are running on a tight schedule and really only have the day to travel from Rome to Venice by Train. I have decided to travel the night before to Pisa. Stay in Pisa for the night, get up in the morning and see the tower and then shoot of to Florence to see the statue of david then a late train to Florence. Is this possible and do you have any ideas or tips.

  49. Sue

    Hi Gloria,

    Fantastic website and great information!!!
    My husband and I are travelling from Toronto in July, will land in Rome, rent a car for 12 days and drive to Lajatico, our base, before we return to Rome for the last 4 days of our holiday. We were just wondering on the day we go to visit Florence, would we be better to drive to Pisa and take the train ( is there parking for cars at the train station?) or should we just drive from Latjatico to Florence? I’m just wondering if it would be difficult to find parking in Florence.
    Thanks for any help you can offer… we can’t wait to visit your beautiful country!
    Glad you enjoyed what you saw of ours!!
    Kind regards,

    • Definitely. You could leave your car in Pontedera, and go by train from there. All or almost all trains to Florence stop in Pontedera.

      • Sue

        Great, thanks for your quick response!!

        Would we need a reservation on the train from Pontedera?

        Thanks again!

  50. Hi Gloria, me and my partner are travelling to pisa on the 27th May, we would like to ge to rome for her birthday on the 31st may. how would you recommend getting there as i cant seem to find the train timetables and prices.

    Many Thanks


  51. Patricia

    Hi Gloria,
    We are arriving in Pisa on 2nd June, our flight lands at 18.00. We are staying at Norcenni Girasole and were planning on taking the bus from the airport to Florence train station then take the train to Figline and get a taxi from there to the campsite. We will have3 small children with us – do you think it is achievable with small children & luggage?! Also is 2nd June a festival day? If so will this affect the frequency/ timetable of public transport?
    Maybe it would be easier but probably more expensive to get a taxi if so can you recommend a company?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Patricia, it seems like a lot of work… I would rent a car, but I am not familiar with the place you mention, sorry.

      • Patricia

        Txs for response Gloria

        Is public transport available on 2nd June?

        We would like to at least get to florence from Pisa

        • Yes, it is. The schedule will be that of the holidays but plenty of trains.

  52. Ben

    Thankyou so much Gloria – great information! I will be travelling from Pisa airport to the Leaning Tower & then on to Florence on June 29 2012 – do I need to book any of the bus/train transfers or can I just arrange on the day?



    • no need to book anything, except for the ticket to climb to the top of the tower.

      • Ben Quin

        Thankyou 🙂 legend!!

  53. Chris

    This is very useful!

    We are hopefully heading to Pisa / Florence in early July. Do you know of any pretty, quiet coastal town (i.e. with a beach) in the area we could get to for a few days?



    • The Versilia has several nice coastal town. Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore, Marina di Pietrasanta, forte dei Marmi…

      • Chris

        Thank you!


  54. Thanks Gloria

    Really useful information. I am in the middle of planning my honeymoon and these details will help me on the 1st leg of the trip. Flying into Pisa then heading straight to Florence for a few nights.

    You wouldn’t by any chance have any useful tips for the next stages, Florence to Venice then Venice to Lake Garda (Malcesine)??

    Thanks again

    • I am afraid I don’t. I only know that there are direct trains from Florence to Venice, and that since they are “eurostar” trains, you need to book seats in advance.

  55. Jenna


    I was wondering if you knew the best/cheapest way to get to and from Pisa and Camp Darby?


    • Hi Jenna, I am not sure to tell you the truth. Taxis won’t be the cheapest option but they will be affordable anyway, because the base is close enough. I don’t think there are city buses that reach the camp. The best way might be to contact the base and ask directly.

  56. Shalin

    Dear Gloria,

    We are staying in Florence and would like to spend a day in visiting Pisa and the Tuscany countryside. Any sugestions on where can we go and how ?



  57. Veronica

    Good work! But some little things have changed. For exemple, the price for a train ticket from PSA airport to Florence SMN is 8.10 euro (there is 1 euro for commission fee, if you buy the ticket at the ticket desk in the Arrivals Hall of Pisa Airport). And probably the schedule has changed: the direct train from PSA Airport to Florence leaves at the third minute of every odd hours (for exemple 11.03, 13.03 ecc).
    The Terravision bus has also reduced its price, now the price is 6 euro for oneway ticket and 10 euro for return ticket. Very cheap! And there is a special price for tickets bought online (4,99 euro for one way tickets).
    I hope I have been useful.
    Have a good journey!

    • You have been extremely useful! Thank you very much! I am going to update the post.

  58. SG

    Hi Gloria, you’ve inspired me to make Pisa as base. Will be traveling from Milan in December, and would like to spend a night or two in Pisa to visit Pisa, Florence and Tuscany. Do share any tips that I should not missed.

    • Hi! Great! Check the category “Pisa”, you should find many post dedicated to things to do and see in the city.

  59. After a brief visit to Firenze next week we want to vist the Leaning Tower & Cathedral on the way back to Pisa airport. Your information is very helpful but we cannot decide what is the best combination of buses or bus/train to achieve this, as we have to minimise walking. Any advice, please?

    • Super easy: the city bus line LAM Rossa stops in the square opposite the Field of Miracles and will take you directly to the airport in 10 minutes with a 1 euro ticket.

  60. Anna Mildwater

    Fantastic information Gloria, you’ve answered all my questions about getting from Pisa to Florence.

    Can you recommend anywhere to stay in Florence? It will be for two people on the 27th July – 31st July.

    Thanks x

    • Hi, sorry I don’t know much about Florence accommodation.

  61. Hi Gloria,

    First of all, thank you for all this information. I am planning on visiting the region in September 2012. I noticed that this blog post was written in January 2011. Is the information still applicable? Can you suggest any websites which provide train information and the sorts?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hi, yes it is. And you can also see the comments for some extra information. Link to the national railway system in the text.

  62. I haven’t considered making Pisa our base but now I’ve read this…we actually might! (since we have not booked our accommodation yet either!) Many thanks – what a great post!

  63. pozdrowienia z Polski dla Toskanii

  64. Stephanie

    Hi my husband is taking a a few day trip and will fly into be renting a motorcycle in Pisa and driving to florance. He wants to stop in sienna and eat lunch but also wants to see some sights on the way. Just like get off the bike for 10-15 minutes look around and get back on. Do you or anyone else have any suggestions on what things he can see along that route? Also as a American who has never driven in Italy before and doesnt really want to go on the Autostadel does anyone or yourself have any safe Easy routes from Pisa to sienna and from sienna to florance? Hope to hear from you soon!

  65. Gia

    We are planning on travelling by coach (bus) since our flight is late. Do you know how much luggage is allowed on the bus?

    • I think no less than what is allowed on the plane.

  66. Hi, thanks for your great information.
    I have a question. I am going to use LAM buses from Pisa airport to leaning tower and after visiting the tower, I should go to Florence. I just want to ask what is the best solution for traveling from leaning tower to Florence ?
    thanks in advance.

    • Back to the central train station by lam rossa.

  67. HI…. i will be going to Livorno via cruise ship. How do I get to Pisa the Florence. What train number I should be taking. Should I go to Pisa the Florence or vice versa. Please help me. The tours are very expensive. Thanks so much.

    • Lots of direct trains from Livorno to Florence, all going through Pisa as well. The train line is Livorno – Pisa – Florence. You can choose the order in which you want to visit the two cities but if you only have a few hours, I would choose one. You can check the train schedule online http://www.ferroviedellostato.it

  68. I checked the website for LAM-ROSSA bus to see the schedule for Centrale to the tower. But I don’t see any stop called ‘Piazza de Miracoli’. I can see a tower picture next to the word Torre. Is it the same thing? There are two types of LAM ROSSA routes are there, one is for Torre-park pietrasantina-S.jacopo and other one is for Stazione-Aeroporto. Both routes have Torre-1 and Torre-2. Which one goes from station to tower?

    Please help, we are leaving in 2 days and I am useless in Italian.

    • Yes, it’s Torre. I think the square opposite the city gate is called piazza Manin. You can’t miss the stop.

  69. So grateful for your information. Its our first time in Italy and just needed basic information without the hard sell. Its lovely that you have created this site to share your thoughts and knowledge. Looking forward to seeing your country.

    • Thank you! Have fun!

  70. Hi there.

    We’re off to Florence via Pisa airport on Thursday. Just wanted to say a very big thank you for all the information you have provided guiding us through the rigours of getting from Pisa to Florence. A very helpful blog post – thanks again.

    • Thank you for stopping by!

  71. Su

    ciao Gloria

    we are flying to Pisa tomorrow, arriving at around 10 pm your time. we are going to stay in Lucca – I was wondering if taking a bus at that time of night is feasable? Or is it better to take a taxi? There are 4 of us travelling – 2 adults and 2 children.

    Thank you!

    • Sorry I am late in replying. But to tell you the truth I wouldn’t have known. I don’t think there are buses leaving late. Maybe you can tell us now.

  72. Amanda

    Hi, How can you get to the leaning tower from florence?

  73. tina stensness

    thank you for a neat website.
    can you help? we are travelling from milan to pisa 30/9/12. we will checkout at 11am & depart from milan central station. what is the best train to catch? i have learnt these trains only leave every couple of days. is this the case? if so, what is our next best option. we are going to florence after pisa.

  74. John Mann


    can you tell me if either the buses or trains between Pisa and Florence are air conditioned?

    Thnaks in advance


    • They usually are, yes.

  75. John Mann

    Sorry, forgot to add thanks for your very informative blog, we have relied on it already for planning our trip next week.

    • Thank you! I am very honored!

  76. Thanks Gloria for a wonderful post. I will be teaching my Italy Retreat for Women to live la dolce vita in Italy, and we arrive in Pisa Airport next week. We appreciate your thoroughness. Viva Italia!

  77. Paul Doran

    Gloria, thanks for some terrific advice, may I ask one further question please. I am travelling with my sister and 80 year old Mother. We are flying in to Pisa arriving around 10:00hrs, and staying in Florence. So we will take your advice on using the train, but we are also thinking of visiting the tower of Pisa. So we would therefore like to off load our luggage for a few hours and visit the tower before onward travel to Florence. I believe your advice mentioned “luggage storage facility” at the main train station. Would it be possible to you point me in the direction as to where we would find these lockers.


  78. Oznur

    Hi Gloria ,
    How can we go to Venice from Pisa. Which is best by bus, by car or train? Thanks for helping. We got 1 year old son.

    • Train, from Pisa to Florence and then on to Venice.

  79. Oznur

    And forgot to ask. Is it cold in Pisa in October? We are planing to go in beginning of the October. Hope weather will be ok. We have been to Rome in february it was snowing but we loved it.

    • Last year we were still in short sleeves… usually it is still very pleasant weather.

  80. Loved it. You helped us a lot. Thanks!!

  81. Carley

    Hi Gloria

    I am interested in organising a taxi/chauffeur transfer from Pisa Airport to Florence S.Maria Novella.

    I have sent an email to the taxi company you mention above but was wondering if you had the name of any car rental agencies who offer transfer services so that I could arrange a quote with them also.

    I have also checked with the hotel in Florence but there quote seemed really expensive.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  82. DIV







    2 VENICE


    4 PISA

    5 ROME

    6 NICE

    7 MILAN



    10 LUCERNE

    11 ZURICH



    14 DRUBBA

    15 COLOGNE



    18 PARIS




    • Dear Div, I have no idea. I think you might be better off contacting a travel councelor for that… Sorry!

  83. lawrence lim

    Hi Gloria,
    Will be driving to Pisa from Siena, where is a good place to park near Leaning Tower of Pisa and any idea the cost? Or it’s better to checkin to Florence and catch a train to Pisa? thks alot.
    Cheers, lawrence

  84. Hayley

    hi there,
    this is a very helpful page. i’m thinking of booking the terrorvision bus from Pisa to Florence.
    i’m just wondering when buying the ticket either online or at the station, do you have to choose a particular time bus n stick to that bus. or can you just buy a return ticket n board any time bus you like?
    thanking you

  85. Noor

    Gloria, Thank you for a fantastic post.
    I’m Thinking of going from Rome to Pisa in the morning and leave for Florence in the evening. Is that sufficient time to see The Learning Tower and the city? Is there a place to leave the luggage at the train station? Which is the station I shd do this, Pisa Centrale or Pisa San Rossore? Thank yiu

    • It is tight but you can do it. there is luggage storage at the station. Go to Pisa Centrale.

  86. Thank you so much for this post. I found it when I was booking a holiday to Florence. It really helped me when planning the trip because my flight got in late when I arrived, so it would have been pushing it tight to travel to Florence on arrival. I took your advice and stayed in Pisa, commuting into Florence for two days. It was so easy and worked perfectly for me.

    You can also travel by train between the airport and Pisa Centrale. There were about 3 trains per hour and it took 5 minutes. I think it was 3 euros for a ticket.

    • Thank you for your comment!

  87. Laurel

    Hello Gloria,

    What a great blog. Thank you for your information about traveling from Pisa to Florence. My daughter will be studying abroad in Florence in January, 2013. She will most likely fly into Pisa from Boston. What do you think is the best way for her to travel with the least amount of confusion (she does not speak Italian yet….) from Pisa to Florence. After reading your blog I’m thinking bus. Your thoughts? She will need to arrive at a building at LdM to pick up her apartment keys. Not exactly sure where this is just yet.


    • Hi, yes buses are the easiest way, even though trains are very easy too. Your daughter should not worry even if she doesn’t speak any Italian at first, because most people can speak some (although often) basic English. She won’t have any troubles communicating.

      • Laurel

        Great..thank you. Do you suggest Terravision or Autostradale? Should she buy these online in advance or when she arrives in Pisa? Her return flight will not be until May. I’m guessing she’ll need a cab from the bus terminal to the place she picks up her keys. Should I assume they will be available at the bus terminal? Thank you again for your help. Very valuable to a parent who is sending her child across the country. Much appreciated!

        • I think they are the same really. But yes, better to book in advance. There should be cabs at the station, which is where the bus will drop her off.

  88. Ellna

    Do u know how many flight from London Heathrow to Pisa? It seems very little flight from uk to Florence ! Also, do u have Au suggestion if I want to stay in Pisa snd Florence for 7-8 days? Another place I could go nearby? It’s for the honeymoon trip, many thanks!

    • I think Pisa is connected with Gatwick and Stansted. There might be a BA flight to H. but I am not sure. Why don’t you fly to Pisa with EasyJet or RyanAir?
      As for accommodation, I am biased of course, as we have a vacation rental in Pisa (http://www.behindthetower.com) and one near Siena (http://www.casinadirosa.it) 🙂

  89. G

    Hi Gloria,
    Excellent post btw. You are probably tired of all these questions but hoping you can help.
    I am flying to Pisa on Sunday (11Nov) with a friend, and will be in Tuscany for 4 days. We will be flying back from Bologna.
    What do you suggest? Stay in Pisa or Florence? Places to visit?
    I hear its a great place to shop for leather bags 🙂 Can you point us in the right direction? Also, will it pour with rain? I know prob not the best time to visit. Appreciate any advise you can give on how to maximise our stay.

  90. Thank you for your concise, clear and very helpful information regarding public transportation from Pisa airport to Firenze. I have been searching for hours and this is by far the best site I have found! Thanks for taking the time to help travelers like me out with your knowledge!

  91. Great site Gloria!

    Most of the travel information online seems to be regarding Airport Transfers from Pisa is generally to Florence Lucca or Sienna.

    I’m endeavouring to get 7 people + luggage _ bikes transferred to from Pisa to MdBibbona. So far… incredibly expensivo. Total nightmare!!!


  92. Thanks a lot for these superb information – I am a Mariner, fm India, my ship arriving 1300 Hrs – want to see PISA, Leaning Tower, – also wish to visit FLORENCE, (as I have read in my childhood day story books, as also seen in many Movies made in Tuscany)- by today only, as my ship will leave tomorrow morning – nice informations, THAKS A LOT AGAIN.

  93. Janice Unwin

    Hi, just found your website which I love. My problem is I want to see Florence and also the coast and not sure how much time to spend at each and how to actually get there. I am coming to Tuscany around 8th June for 7 days and want to divide my time wisely without having to hire a car. We are a married couple who are not too good at travelling light.
    We are in our mid 50’s and would consider self catering. What would you suggest. It looks like my best option would be to fly to Piza from England as you say the flights are cheaper. I want to spend more than 1 day in Florence but thought a whole week there would be too much ?

    • you should consider using Pisa as your base. It would give you easy access to both Florence and the coast and without needing to rent a car. Plus on June 16th there is the Luminara, which is a fabulous festival.

      • Janice Unwin

        Many thanks Gloria, will look into that

  94. fernkelsey

    Ciao Gloria!

    As many have said, thank you so much for this post! I am studying abroad in Florence this January, and I have been freaking out about how to get to Florence, because my plane comes into Pisa. I arrive on the 23rd around 2 PM, and must be at the Florence airport no later than 6 PM, where the transportation of the school will be picking me up. Do you think that this is cutting it too close, or should it be okay? Does the train from Pisa Centrale go to the Florence Airport? Or does it go to somewhere else in the city?
    Thank you so much in advance for you help, and for this great post!

    • you will be ok. that is plenty of time. There is no station at Florence airport, but the transavia buses stop there on their way to the center of the city if I am not mistaken, so that could be your best option.

  95. Cathy Smit

    Hi, I am so glad that I found this blog. We are planning to visit Florence and other places in Tuscany during May but have not made any arrangements. I am going to make Pisa our base and use the trains and buses recommended by you rather than hiring a car. (And I always thought the leaning tower is Pisa!)
    1. What is the weather like in Tuscany in May?
    2.Where can we see theTuscan landscapes with he wild flowers(you always see beautiful pictures with wild flowers and tall trees in the back ground)
    3.Are there any wine cellars near Pisa where we can go for wine tastings?

    • Hi Cathy, you can take a look at this series of posts for information on the weather in Tuscany throughout the year: When to visit Tuscany. The landscape you mention are more typical of southern Tuscany, but the area around Volterra, south of Pisa, is also gorgeous and you might be able to find what you hope to see.
      The closest renowned wine area is Montecarlo, near Lucca. There are weekly guided tours leaving from Lucca I think, so you should be able to get there easily without a car. Otherwise, Terricciola and surroundings, or the Chianti area joining a tour from Florence of course. Have fun (and don’t forget to check out our Pisa vacation rental Behind the Tower! LOL)

      • Cathy Smit

        Thanks Gloria. I have wait for middle Febr before I can make any arrangements and I hope that your apartment will still be available.

  96. Janice Unwin

    Hi Gloria, We are hoping to visit Florence 2nd week in June for 3 nights and then on to Selste Levante. How would you recommend we get from Florence to SL without hiring a car. Is there a direct train or bus ?
    Also is early June very humid in Florence ?

  97. Fiona

    Really helpful information. I will be visiting in August (actually coming home on 15th which I believe is a public holiday) so do you think train would be better than bus as the roads may be too busy and so delay the journey?

    • Trains are always better than buses unless it is the direct bus from the airport. Roads will be fine. Have fun!

  98. I am traveling to Pisa on 29th march to April 1st and would like to spend at least one day and one night in Tuscany as well.
    How long does it take to go from Pisa airport to Tuscany because our return flight is from Pisa itself, and also how much it costs??

    • Pisa is in Tuscany, not sure what you mean.

  99. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the helpful advice on your blog.

    I have an additional question for you. We are staying in Florence for 2 nights and then are renting a car for 2 days to tour the Chianti area (we’ve been advised to pick the rental car up at the Florence airport). After that we plan on visiting Pisa for a day to see the tower and spend time in the city. Which option would you recommend for getting to Pisa?
    1) Driving rental car to Pisa airport, dropping it off, train to Pisa central station
    2) Driving rental car back to Florence airport and taking train to Pisa (I’m assuming this would involve taking a train from Florence airport to Santa Maria Novella train station, then taking train to Pisa Centrale?)

    I’m just wondering which option would be most convenient and the least amount of hassle.
    Thank you very much in advance!

    • Hi, if you are going to check-out of your Florence hotel and drive through the Chianti area, you might as well drive to Pisa afterwards. You can drop the car off at the airport. The airport is in the city, plenty of city buses to take you back downtown in 5 minutes.

      • Thanks, Gloria! I really appreciate it. I can’t wait to visit your beautiful country 🙂

  100. Hi Gloria can you help me to find the chapest way to get from Florence to Rome and then go back from Rome to Pisa?

  101. Margaret O'Hare

    Hi! I have a flight that lands in the pisa airport from Amsterdam at 14:25. Is this enough time to land and catch the airport train to Florence at 15:03?

    Thank you so much!

    • It is tight, if you have luggage or if there is any delay. it is feasible if everything goes smothely. If not, there are plenty of trains to Florence, if not from Pisa aeroporto, from Pisa Centrale, which is literally a 5 minute ride by city bus LAM Rossa. The bus stops just outside the arrivals area every 8-15 minutes and trains to Florence run every 30 minutes or so. So no worries.

  102. Joe

    Pls be very careful when you buy the single trip train tickets from Pisa counter. In general Italian staff are absolutely unfriendly and not informative. Remember to “Validate” your tickets before going on the train, some trains the conductor will punch a hole on your tickets to validate, and others will take advantage to ask for money. The train tickets for 1 trip cost only Euro 7.80, but because as foreigner you cant read the italian words on the tickets and unfamiliar with their system, they will make you pay Euro40, simply because you didn’t know where and how to do a self tix verification. Even if you complain to at the main station, they will tell you it’s written on the tickets that you need to verify, and point to you the italian world, following with “Too bad you are in Italy!”

    • I agree on the uninformative and unfriendly for the most part. They are usually quite rude to Italians too. I totally disagree with the fact that it is a system that is meant to take advantage to ask for money… it is the way it works here. Like in any other country in the world ignorance of the way things are done is not a valid argument to disregard a rule. I agree there should be more understanding but you cannot make accusation like that, because after all when in Rome… 🙂

      • This is such a brilliant resource! Am travelling to Italy on Sunday to spend a few days in Florence, and will fly in to Pisa airport from Gatwick. I plan to get the train from Pisa to Florence, and have found your detailed advice really helpful.
        I only have one small query. Someone above mentioned problems with getting a train ticket validated. What do you need to do to validate your ticket?
        Many thanks for such a great blog.

        • There are yellow machines (or orange) in the station. All you have to do is to punch the ticket before getting on the train.

  103. Thanks Gloria. This information is very helpful.Im visiting Italy this summer and was looking for just this information about Pisa. Thanks a lot.

  104. Hello!

    I am trying to book two train tickets from pisa central station (Pisa Centrale) to florence (Firenze S.Marco Vecchio) from the website below, but whatever dates/times I put in, it just comes up with “No solution found”. Please can you help me!!!
    Below is the website I am using.


    • What is Firenze S. Marco Vecchio…? First of all, there are no Frecce from Pisa to Florence, but only regional trains (faster or slower but still regional trains). No need to book either. Just buy the ticket before getting on the train. And I don’t think there is a station called S. Marco Vecchio. Florence station is called Firenze Santa Maria Novella.
      http://www.fsitaliane.it/ is the website. Link to English on the left hand side.

  105. Jai

    Gloria, Thanks for maintaining very informative website. I am planning to visit Pisa on June 10th. What would be the better time of the day to visit leaning tower for better photo opportunities (from the position of sun, shadows etc)? If I come to Pisa around 14:30, is it too late to see learning tower (including climb up), and other attractions and return to Florence that evening?

    • You know? I have no idea! LOL I guess the late afternoon is very nice from the ground because the sun is opposite the tower, so if you plan on taking photos from the tower I guess the morning is better. Not sure.

  106. Ian

    Hello Gloria. Wonderful and very intuitive website – congrats and thanks! I was wondering however would you be able to explain what the travel situation is like between AC Hotel Marriot in Pisa (Viale delle Torri) and Pisa main train station. I tempted to book the hotel but it is about 2 miles out of the city and I am not sure that the links to the centre are particularly good. I know the query is very specific, but perhaps you might have an idea about the travel links in that area generally.
    Also, I am coming to Tuscan region for 3 days; would you recommend 2 days in Pisa and one in Florence, or perhaps the other way round bearing in mind the comparative sizes of the cities?

    • Not sure. I don’t think there are city buses that get there. You might need to get a taxi.

  107. Helen Mylott

    Fabulous. Im heading there on Friday and its a surprise trip for my boyfriends 40th abd he has no idea where he’s going so this will hekp me get organised. Thanks very much

  108. Hi!
    In 3 weeks I will have a stop in Pisa for one night and I would like to see the Leaning Tower. Do you know if the buses are working by night? I mean from airport to the Tower.

    Thank you in advance.

  109. I will coming to Pisa on a cruise and want to see Florence also. Can you tell me if this possible. We get into port at 8;30 am and leave at 7:00 pm we know we want to see the tower. i have been looking for a fast way to get to Florence.

    • The fastest way is by train from Livorno. You can stop in Pisa to see the Tower but that cuts the time you have in Florence. Anyway, if you want to do that, stop in Pisa, get on the Lam Rossa bus which takes you to the Tower from the station. Then back on the Lam Rossa to the station and off to Florence. Then from Florence directly back to Livorno.

  110. Chua Kim Lin

    I intend to visit Pisa (just to see the Leaning Tower) and Florence in mid Dec 2013. Should I make Florence my base or should it be Pisa? After Florence, I would like to go on to Milan. Is there any train service or flight service from Florence or Pisa to Milan on 25 or 26 Dec 2013?

    • Hi, that depends on your personal taste. If you prefer a smaller city then Pisa is your ideal choice because it is also a great transport hub with easy access to Florence and Lucca. If you prefer to be in a larger city and are not bothered by crowds etc then Florence is better. You can easily get to Milan both from Pisa and Florence. Check http://www.trenitalia.com

  111. Deb

    Thanks for the great information.
    My husband and I are traveling to Pisa and Florence in a couple of weeks to do a company event in Florece and your advise is awesome. I do have a question for you that I have not seen in your blog. We traveled from Venice to Trieste a couple of years ago and the train conductor was not to nice about all the luggage we brought with us due to things we brought with us for the event. Is there a limit on the number of bags the train or bus have for each passenger? We have to bring out laptops and the clothes for 10 days.

    • There is no such thing. I have never witnessed any such attitude. Maybe you had your luggage in the way? That is weird.

    • Not that I know of.

  112. Happy New Year Gloria!!
    I have booked a villa for a week in September 2014 for my family. My aunt and I are celebrating ‘0’ birthdays; hers 80th and mine 60th.
    We will hire a car for Tuscany travel.
    1. We will be staying in Montecatini Val di Cecina. I am trying to find a local person who could a) cook some meals for us and b) teach us some Italian cooking. It does not have to be a ‘proper’ chef but just someone who is a very good cook. Do you have any contacts please?
    2. After Tuscany, my aunt and I go to Rome via Pisa airport. Which would be the most scenic way of getting to Rome?
    3. Any ideas for scenic travel from Rome to Naples?
    Wishes for a healthy and fun year!

    • Hi Andrea,
      I am afraid I don’t know anybody in the area. You could try Giulia of julskitchen or Judy of Divina Cucina.

      The easiest and most scenic way to get to Pisa to Rome is by train via the coast.

  113. Thanks for your helpful information.
    I’m visiting tuscany in May, going to a wedding in Castellina in Chianti, I have two days either side of the wedding and am stuck on where to go without it not becoming a break. I’ll be travelling with my husband and nearly 2 year old.
    My original thoughts were viareggio, castellina, florence. We are flying in to and out of pisa. Ah, so many nice places to see and not enough time.
    Any help or advice would be appreciated

  114. tiziana bugeja

    Hi, I just wanted to check the best way to move from florence to pisa airport. we have flight at noon and I don’t want to risk arriving late.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Train, definitely. You will need to get off at Pisa centrale and get on a LAM Rossa city bus to get to the airport, just in front of the station. Very easy, very frequent. Make sure you arrive in Pisa by 10.

  115. Michelle

    Hi Gloria,
    Thank you for your wonderful blog and posts. We are travelling to Northern Italy the first week of April. We are flying into Venice, staying for 2 nights, then taking a train (just booked) to Florence, staying for 2 nights. From Florence, we want to stop in Pisa to see the Tower and Pisa and then we need to be in Corniglia in the Cinqueterre area for our booking that night. My questions:
    1. Do I need to pre-book a train / bus from Florence to Pisa?
    2. Do I need to pre-book a train / bus from Pisa to Corniglia? I am thinking we will need to change trains in La Spezia, correct?
    3. I know this last question is entirely subjective… but how long should we plan to spend in Pisa? Is 4-6 hours enough to see the Tower and some of Pisa too?

    Many thanks! Michelle

    • Hi Michelle, you do not need and I think you cannot prebook a train to Pisa. The rides are so frequent that you really don’t need to. The same goes for trains to Cinque Terre. And yes, you need to change in La Spezia.

      6 hours in Pisa will allow you to see Piazza del Duomo and its monuments and some of the center. Have fun!

  116. Julia

    I am excited to see ”from Pisa airport and Central Station to Florence” , but disappointed to find there is no guide regarding Pisa Central Station to Florence in the body..

    • Yes there is… Point n.2… All you have to do is read carefully. 🙂

  117. Hi Gloria,
    Sorry if I have missed the answer to this one …but can you buy Bus tickets on arrival at Pisa Airport or have they got to be pre booked on line ?
    Many thanks

    • I am not sure to tell you the truth. I think it is safer to pre-book your ticket.

  118. Juan

    Hi Golria, just found your excellent blog. I’m traveling with my wife during the weeks of June 23 till Jul 1st to Italy and already booked a Cruise trip around the Mediterranean ocean that will have a stop in Pisa. What would be your recommendations in term of us enjoying Pisa (Leaning Tower, etc) and then go to Florence to at least see the Accademia Galery. I think the cuirse docks like at 7AM and leaves at 7PM each day, so I would like to make the better use of my stay in your wonderful city. Thanks in advance for your help.

  119. Juan

    Gloria, clarifying my previous post the dates of my travel to Italy are June 22 to July 6. In Rome from June 23 till the 26th, then on the 26th we take the Cruise from the 26th of June till July 3rd, at which point we are back in Rome and then we’ll travel to Venice by plane; comming back to Rome by Plane as well on the 5th. Thats the schedule, and a I asked in my previous post just wondering if you had any thoughts on the Pisa stop on the Cruise; but any other recommendation would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks!!!

    • I think it would be a very long day… I would either go to Florence or to Pisa, both seem way too much especially because wandering around during the hottest time of the day is not very pleasant.

  120. Paul

    Hi Gloria
    I travelled to Pisa airport in May this year and found a very good website pisa-airport-transfers.com reason I am letting you know and your follwers is that I only had to pay a small fee to reserve then paid the balance to the driver on arrival.
    It gave myself and my wife piece of mind that the taxi was arranged in advance as not travelled before to Italy.
    Good rates too as shopped around for a few days as there are so many options travelling from Pisa airport.
    Great country and lovely people, will look forward to returning soon


    Glolria, I am travelling to Pisa next month & want to know the best way to get to Lido di Camaoire from Pisa International airport. I am thinking of getting the train to Pisa Centrale & then another to Lido ? Our hotel is near the promenade, would we have far to walk with our baggage from Lido train station ? Do the trains run from Pisa Centrale to Lido direct ? Please advise ? Regards, Paul.

    • Dear Paul sorry I have only just seen you message! I don’t know much about Lido di Camaiore, but I know it is a small town so everything should be quite near. There are direct trains, and it takes approx. 20 minutes.

  122. Thank you so much for this helpful information! We are headed to Italy tomorrow and can’t wait to explore!

  123. I will be traveling to Italy at the end of the month and will be going to Pisa Tower. How many minutes will it takes from Pisa to Buti? I will be staying at Bhappy Resort. Hope you could advise me on this. Thanks! 🙂

    • Not sure, have you checked google maps.

  124. Hi Gloria,

    Thank you so much for all the information, it was really good.

    But I have one doubt yet, Can you help me with one more?

    I want to stay at least one afternoon at Pisa and then go to Florence. Is it possible to go to Pisa Centrale and from there take the bus (Terravision) to Florence? I have already checked terravision website and the only option is to leave Pisa`s airport, is this correct?

    I know that there is the option by train, but by bus it`s cheaper.

    Thanks again

    • The airport is literally less than 10 minutes away from the station by bus. Pisa airport is right in the city. The bus taking you back to the train station ends its line at the airport. You stay on and you will be dropped at the airport and can get the bus there.

  125. Moira

    Hi Gloria
    I hope your blog is still active here in 2015! I haven’t read through all the other queries but could you tell me if the train between Pisa and Florence has – I know it’s an odd question! – good suspension!
    I have a very weak back which has prevented me from having the courage to travel very far from my home in Ireland for the past 10 years. Usually in The UK travelling by train is good as the trains are very smooth and comfortable. If you can reassure me the train between these two cities, that I long to visit, is smooth I will take the plunge!
    Rather disappointed to hear you say the flights into Florence are scary (my word!). Had been thinking of flying there with Vueling from London. Would save a lot of hassle.
    Do you think it would still be rather hot at the beginning of September also?
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Lots of people fly to Florence, so you can fly there safely! LOL The train as far as I have experienced is fine, I haven’t noticed any shaking or jumping! The weather at the beginning of September is still hot. Not July hot, but hot, high 20sC.

      • Moira

        Thanks very much Gloria. Going to read all the comments on your blog. Bound to be educational!

  126. I’m sorry but my question is: How I can go from Florence (SMN Station) to Pisa central station.(No airport). Are there autobuses?

  127. Hi,I’d like to go to Florence from Pisa by train from Pisa Centrale. Can you tell me the name of the train station in Florence where to get off the train? Are there more stops in Florence? Which one is the best for me to get off…wich one is the nearest one to the old city centre. Thank you for your answers!

    • Santa Maria Novella.

  128. Robert

    Hi what else is there to do/see in Pisa other than the leaning tower!?

    • Look at the category “Pisa” on this blog and you will find plenty of suggestions.

  129. Hi Gloria
    We are travelling from India to Prague , however we wanted to cover parts of Italy as well, overall we planning a 7-8 day trip , as of now our plan is to stay 1 day only at Prague and then fly to Pisa, from Pisa we want to cover Florence,Rome,Milan & Venice. We are not sure what could be a cheaper mode of transportation once we land to Pisa (train/buses,etc ) Also how should we plan the sequence of cities we should travel ? Any information will surely help.

    • Train. But you are better off changing base (except for Florence, which is convenient from Pisa)

  130. Hello Gloria, I’m coming go Pisa on 04.September from Croatia. We are coming to the Meditour hotel it’s 8km from Pisa. I was wondering can I come with a train from there, because I wish to visit Florence also on my journey. If you have time to answer I would be so grateful 🙂 thank you, tell me can I follow your blog on facebook? Best regards, Tamara.

  131. Rumyana Ivanova

    Hi, I have a questiong and hope you can answer.
    I bought a train ticket online Firenze to Pisa aeroport. The hour I chose is 05:35 am, and i see that next train is at 06:08 am. If somehow i miss my first train (05:35) can I use my ticket/ jump on next train (06:8) or I have to buy a new ticket?
    Many thanks in advance

  132. Jacqueline Mariani

    I’m not sure I can agree with you about the airport in Florence. Since I live in Florence, I frequently fly in and out of the airport here and have never had a problem of any sort. Many of my friends/family have also flown in/out of the airport in Florence and none have had a bad experience. I’m not sure to what you are referring when you say that the airport is “dangerous” or “sad.” Yes, it is a small airport. Other than that, I’ve had no particular issues; everything has always gone smoothly for me and I’ve been using the airport in Florence for years.

    • I don’t like it. Every time I have flown out of it or landed there, I have had horrible experiences. This said, I will use it again if the price is good. But not for its convenience to the city.

  133. Hi Gloria,

    Great information here!!!
    I will be flying in to Pisa and hen taking the train. While in Pisa I’m wondering; First, will the leaning tower be opened on Easter, March 27th?…and also is there somewhere that we (4 of us) could leave our luggage for 2-3 hours while we visit the leaning tower and grab a bite to eat before heading on to Florence?

    • The Tower should be open. There used to be a luggage storage at the station but I am not sure if it exists anymore.

  134. Hello Gloria,
    Can you provide some travel tips for a family of 4 going from Rome to Pisa to Florence to Venice? The plan is to travel from Rome to Pisa for a quick stop to leaning tower and then proceed to Florence for a night stay. The next day resume our journey to Venice. What is a best transportation method for this entire journey from Rome to Venice? Appreciate your guidance. Thank you.

  135. T

    Very useful, very many thanks. Visiting next March. Just love Italy

  136. hi we are travelling to Florence from Pisa to stay at Malaspina Hotel, piazza indipendenza 24, are you able to help me, am assuming its by train, but any idea of length of journey?

    many thanks

    • Frequent trains, and I think the journey is just under one hour.

  137. veronica

    fantastic!!! very very very very very very very helpful!

  138. Can I get train from Pisa to Florence also stopping at lucca

    • yes, it’s a secondary line but many trains go that way

  139. Hello!

    We are flying into Pisa and then heading to Florence after visiting the Leaning Tower. I have terrible anxiety and cannot travel underground or through tunnels. Can you share if there are any tunnels between Pisa and Florence by train or bus? Trying to decide my best option. Thank you, Wanda

    • no tunnels by train that I can recall.


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