08 Aug 2011

A collection of useful posts for travelers planning on visiting Tuscany.

Useful tips for planning your next vacation in Tuscany

Reading travel forums I have realized that many people ask recurrent questions so that other travelers can help them plan their vacation in Tuscany. I have also realized that many people have already started to plan next year’s vacation.

I thought it might be useful to collect in one single post some links to older posts that can help travelers to plan their next vacation in Tuscany.

Happy Planning!

1. Where should we base ourselves in Tuscany?

Tuscany is a varied region, with many different interesting areas, each with its own specific character and features: a post which I hope will help some travelers to choose among the many destinations that Tuscany has to offer.

2. What to see in Northern Tuscany

Nothern Tuscany

A very quick presentation of what travelers can see in the provinces in the north of Tuscany.

3. What to see in Southern Tuscany

civitella marittima

A very quick presentation of what travelers can see in the Siena and Grosseto provinces.

4. To drive or not to drive in Tuscany? That is the question.

driving in tuscany

It depends on where you want to go and the type of traveller you are. Here are some thoughts on this popular question.

5. 10 “alternative” things to do in Tuscany


Most travelers to Tuscany don’t venture outside the major landmarks.This region, though, has much to offer beyond the popular spots. If you are ready to venture off the beaten path and see more than what you find in guidebooks, you will go home with a completely different image of this amazing region.

6. Those little acts of kindness and cross-cultural awareness…


…which make all the difference in the relationship with your host when you travel. Please read this post if you are planning on booking accommodation! Thank you!

7. Expecting the unexpected

driving in tuscany

There are many cultural-specific aspects of a destination which we are often unprepared to face. Here are 20 points discussing aspects of the Italian lifestyle which might puzzle the traveler, but which you are likely to have to deal with if you visit Tuscany or any other region of Italy.

8. 5 romantic things to do in Tuscany on Valentine’s Day

valentine's day in Tuscany

… or on any other day!

9. How to travel from Pisa to Florence…

lam rossa

…or from Pisa airport to Pisa Central Train Station, or from the station to the Leaning Tower, or… have you considered using Pisa as a base?

10. 5 things to do in Tuscany in the fall

autumn in tuscany

My favourite time of the year, perfect for discovering the best products of Tuscany.

11. Sightseeing int Pisa

pisa nottte

There is so much more than the Leaning Tower!

12. Off-the-beaten-path Tuscany: A Slow Drive in Tuscany

slow drive

An itinerary for a scenic drive in the inland areas of the Maremma, perfect also for walks, bike tours and horseback rides.

13. 10 things to do in Tuscany when it rains

Nobody likes rainy days when we are on holiday. But Tuscany has much to offer even when the weather is not as good as you have hoped!

14. New Year’s Eve in Tuscany

capodanno toscana

The traditions of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in our corner of Tuscany.

15. Things to see in picture-perfect Tuscany

Ideas on places to see in our area.

16. Things to do in picture-perfect Tuscany

Courses, tours and activities.

17. Parking in Pisa and Siena

A (hopefully) useful post about where to park in Pisa and Siena, and some info on how to avoid being fined in the ZTLs. And no… they are not a scam for tourists. You just need to do your homework before getting behind the wheel and pay some attention to road signs.

18. ZTL: Limited Traffic Zones


All you need to know about limited traffic zones in Italy, and Pisa in particular, and on how to avoid fines.

19. “Pane e coperto”: service charges in Italian restaurants

“Pane e coperto” literally means “bread and tableware” but it is essentially a service charge that restaurants add to the bill for each guest. It is one of the most controversial issues in travel forums. I say it’s part of the Italian way of life, and we have to learn to live with it.


  1. Ileana Bustamante

    Hello, we need help we r going to Italy in sept 2013, we want to drive thru tuscany county side enjoy delious foods, where do we rent the car and where do we drive from and to ? Pls advice

    • It depends on what you want to see. The “picture-perfect” type of countryside is usually that of the Val d’Orcia, south of Siena.

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