26 Jul 2017

Day 2 of the photo challenge is dedicated to strangers. Here is one of my favourite photos with a stranger!

Strangers in Tuscany

Day 2 of the photo challenge: today it’s about “strangers“. I don’t think it’s wise to go around photographing strangers in Tuscany and post their photos on my blog… They might think I am a total freak!

I have found a perfect photo in my archive, though! I took it in Pisa, a while back. It was on March 25. I remember the date, because that’s when they celebrate the Pisan New Year’s Day (or Capodanno Pisano).

strangers in Pisa


I was 7 years younger, and this guy was awesome!!! I saw him in the parade in period costumes and fell in love! Well, with his being perfect for the role, because Marcel, my husband, actually took the photo! 🙂

He was kind enough to pose with me and talk to me for a while. He explained that his participation in this kind of event was in fact just a hobby. Even so, he “maintains” his beard and his “medieval look” all year round, so that he is always ready for a good historical re-enactment!

If you plan a trip to Tuscany, the events of the Capodanno Pisano are very interesting, and still relatively unknown. But they are becoming more and more popular. You can read about it, and the sun on the marble egg in the Cathedral, Galileo’s chandelier, and more here.

I have recently discovered that in Pisa, there is a group of people practicing historical fencing. And by that, I mean people dressing up in full armour and having tournaments with real swords etc. It seems both odd and fascinating at the same time… I mean, it’s not like you can go get your equipment at “Decathlon”… you need a real armour, which can weigh up to 35kg!!! I need to find one of these tournaments now!

If you like historical re-enactment, you might enjoy these medieval festivals in Tuscany:

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