08 Mar 2012

March 8 is International Women’s Day: here is my little present to all my girlfriends!

Women and Wine and other Wonder Women


Today is International Women’s Day.  As every year, March 8 rolls in accompanied by praise as well as criticism. Sure, “every day should be women’s day“, “women are not an endangered species that needs to be celebrated“, “it’s hypocritical to celebrate women on March 8 and discriminate against them from March 9 to March 7“, etc. etc. The truth is, though, that in many households, workplaces, and institutions, women are an endangered species that needs to be protected, and even when they are treated as queens, this “holiday” gives many of them the perfect excuse to do something they rarely get to do: get a girls’ night out. So, I welcome Women’s Day as well as any other “special occasion” that can help people take a break from their routine and maybe think a bit.

In Italy, it’s traditional to give mimosa on this occasion. Since I’m allergic, my grandmother gave me a beautiful yellow rose! How sweet!

It’s a super-women’s day for me this year: I am a mother and Liam is 3 months old today! A whole new journey as a woman, let me tell you.


Anyway, to celebrate this year’s Women’s Day, I would like to present, to those who don’t know about it already, an association whose acronym in English could well be W.W.… and yes they are Wonder Women, but first and foremost “Wine Women“! The Associazione Nazionale Le Donne del Vino gathers women whose work is somehow wine-related (and no… drinking wine at your desk or at lunch break does not qualify you for membership…): wine producers, journalists, oenologists, managers of wine bars and restaurants, etc.

Since I am also a proud Tuscan (did you know that the first people in Italy to grant equal rights to men and women were the Etruscans by the way?), here is the link to the list the Wine Wonder Women in Tuscany!

And to all my beloved girlfriends, let me wish you all a wonderful women’s day, with an old post, but still heartfelt! My virtual mimosa to the most interesting women met online and not only!


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