25 Sep 2016

Discover Tuscany the slow way: our special offer for your extended stay in Pisa or in rural Tuscany.

Winter retreats in Tuscany

As you know, we run two vacation rentals in Tuscany. One is in my home village, Casina di Rosa (near Siena and the Maremma), and one in Pisa, Behind the Tower.

In fact, Casina di Rosa was my great-grandparents’ home. They built it, my mum was born in it. It’s always been in the family and always will.


Behind the Tower was our first “investment” as a family. Our first very own piece of property. When we could not live in it anymore, we could not part with it, so we decided to fix it up as a vacation rental. And it’s been a lovely experience up to now.


With life getting busier and a bit more complicated with two young kids and work, winter short term rentals have started to be a bit too much for us. So last year we offered long term rental in the winter months for the first time. It was a very pleasant experience. We found lovely tenants who came to spend time in Civitella and joined in in the village life. And we met a very interesting doctor in Pisa who spent some time as an exchange scholar at the University.

So we have decided to repeat this experience. We are therefore hoping to find somebody interested in spending a few months in Pisa, for work or just for leisure, between November and the end of March.


Pisa is a fabulous transportation hub, so our home is ideal for people who want a base in a lively city with great public transportation option and easy access to many interesting destinations in Italy and in Europe thanks to the low-cost airlines flying to and out of Pisa.

We offer a monthly price of 800 euros inclusive of all expenses (rent, utilities, wifi, taxes). It’s a very competitive price because utilities in Italy are very expensive. Or alternatively, 650 euros + expenses calculated on actual usage.



In Civitella, we have a few reservations until mid December, so we are offering long term rental at Casina di Rosa between mid December and the end of February. Casina di Rosa is ideal for people wanting to experience life in rural Tuscany. The village is small, but has all the essential services. A car would be necessary, but buses are available to Siena and Grosseto.


Casina di Rosa is a retreat. It’s perfect if you want a quiet, romantic and peaceful extended stay in Tuscany. We have had guests who have spent a month or two here to write or paint or just to travel the slow way. We offer a monthly price of 700 euros per month, inclusive of all expenses (rent, utilities, wifi, taxes). Or alternatively, 550 euros + expenses calculated on actual usage.


Please visit the rentals websites to find out more about them.

Casina di Rosa 

Behind the Tower

Please spread the word (and the link) if you know of somebody who might be interested. Thank you!

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