16 May 2017

I never thought I would be eulogizing a home. Instead, saying goodbye to our Pisa apartment has proven more difficult than I expected.

Moving on

So as today, Behind the Tower, our vacation rental in Pisa is not ours anymore. We decided to sell the place a while back, half-heartedly.

It has been harder than I expected. Not finding a buyer (that, in fact, was much easier than I expected), but saying goodbye to the first place I could call mine. I had heard about “eulogizing a home”, but I thought I would never need to do that. Well, I was wrong.

It has been a fun ride. We have started renting to travellers before airbnb made hosting popular in Pisa. Most places were rented out to students back then. We have had the pleasure of meeting many interesting people through our vacation rental. We have also learnt much about the city. We have made the effort of looking at it with the eyes of the traveller, while at the same time, offering the view of the local on life here.

We adore this about the vacation rental business: you have the double perspective of the visitor and of the local on new and old things. 

The new owners want to keep renting out the apartment, and we wish them all the best.

We, instead, will keep renting out our beloved Casina di Rosa, and we will buy a place for our family to live in in Pisa. Stay tuned (and if you are still looking for accommodation in Tuscany, drop us a line! We still have available weeks this summer)!

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