29 May 2012

A quick yet delicious recipe for busy bees (or new mums) like me!

Gnocchi with pumpkin, leek and pinenuts

pasta pumpkin, leek, pinenuts

It’s been a while since I have published a recipe. Well, basically since Liam has arrived, I haven’t had many chances to spend time in the kitchen. Tonight, though, I prepared a quick yet delicious recipe, which I thought might be neat to share. Maybe other busy bees with very little time on their hands will like to try it!


  • leeks (I used 5 small ones)
  • pumpkin
  • 80 gr of pancetta cubes
  • extravirgin olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper
  • pine nuts
  • gnocchi

Slice the leeks and cut pumpkin into small cubes. Sauté pancetta in olive oil, add the leek first and let cook for 10 minutes.

pasta pumpkin, leek, pinenuts

Add the pumpkin and let cook for five minutes.

pasta pumpkin, leek, pinenuts

Add salt and pepper to your liking and cook until the pumpkin is soft but not too soft. Add pine nuts.

pasta pumpkin, leek, pinenuts

Cook gnocchi, mix with the sauce…

pasta pumpkin, leek, pinenuts

and enjoy!



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