09 Dec 2009

We are finally renovating Casina di Rosa to make it prettier and more comfortable! Here is what is going on around here… it’s just a big mess at the moment!

Renovations… sigh…

The renovation works of Casina di Rosa have finally begun. We have wanted to fix the house and make it pretty and more comfortable for quite some time now, and we are finally working on it!

Since many of our guests and friends are asking to see photos and to hear about the renovations, well, here is a link to some photos of the present (terrible) state of the house!

We are rebuilding the roof and renovating the interior completely. Instead of the three small rooms we used to have, the house is being reorganized so that it will contain a large bedroom with en suite bathroom and sitting area and a more modern kitchen. We are installing a proper heating and air conditioning system and we have finally gotten rid of the wooden drop ceilings to bring back the original beamed ceiling. We are changing the floor and kitchen tiles too and the kitchen furniture.We will provide internet access.

We hope to have more photos soon, as that would mean that the renovations are progressing smoothly. We would like to thank all the people who have sent us messages to ask about the progress and wish us good luck! We hope to have you all back sooner or later!!! We’ll reopen at the beginning of April 2010!


  1. oh sweetheart. I know how you feel and how much work this is. I commend you and wish you all the best. It was beautiful and will be more beautiful now. With love from your fallen catholic friend in Piemonte.

  2. Thank you Diana!

  3. Mare Ries

    Your plans sound wonderful. Have you been able to secure a permanent parking spot?

    Wishing both of you a healthy, prosperous and happy 2010.

  4. No such thing as a permanent parking spot in this country I’m afraid! ;o) Merry Christmas!


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