20 Feb 2011

The pretty colours of the Tuscan countryside, the little discoveries, a pleasant walk…

Beautiful Winter Sun

Winter countryside in Tuscany

I love winter, but most of all I love those first springlike days that always come either at the end of January or in February. Too bad some cold days always follow… but not yet!

Yesterday, it was one of those perfectly sunny winter days and I took advantage of the good weather to go for a walk with my dog.

The countryside is still “wintery”, with the trees which are still leafless except for a few large oak trees.

But the bright green grass is now dotted by small blue flowers and yellow daisies. The bees are going crazy!! And I had never noticed that the prevailing colour at this time of the year is light blue! Beautiful and cheerful!

Even if I have walked these paths many times, I still notice new details that I had never noticed before… what is left of an old road…

An old ladder leaning against a tree… I wonder how log it has been there for…

A pretty pile of stones in a paddle…

If you want to visit Tuscany in March, Casina di Rosa still has some available weeks!


  1. Lovely pics, spring is definitely in the air….our horses have begun to feel the effects of the spring grass, little beggars!

  2. Robb

    Wow….I like this one !
    Especially the video. Funny, but I never thought about what Italy and Toscana would look like in wintertime.
    You black dog – maybe a setter or a pointer? And what is the guitar music in your video??
    Nice post !!

    — robb

  3. Hi Robb, out dog is a flat coated retriever, a breed of the retriever family like labradors or goldens. She is such a great dog!

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