Soul-searching 2.0

03 Jul 2010

A post for both our colleagues and guests. We try to see how we apply (or should apply) the 5 points of the Internet Better Tourism Manifesto to our “inn-keepers’ practice” trying to take a stock on our work up to now. Ideas and suggestions are more than welcome.

Feeling at Home: “Home” by Diana Baur

27 May 2010

It’s one thing to move to a new country, and quite another to call that place home. But how do you give others a sense of home before you have one yourself? The answer lies in letting life happen, one small
step at at time. Diana Strinati Baur of Baur Bed & Breakfast in Acqui Terme, Piemonte, tells a little bit about the emotion behind starting a B&B in a place she knew she could love over time, and how that love actually helped give her the sense of home she had always hoped for.