02 Feb 2015

I should thank the FlipKey team for having my blog keep such a great company.

I’m an expert on Tuscany (apparently)

I owe an apology to the FlipKey team, I believe. They asked me to contribute to their Tuscany¬† travel guide, which I did, and to share the happy news, which I never did. They have been kind enough to give me a badge as “travel destination expert”, which I never had time to post. So here! I am rectifying that mistake!


In my effort, I am in excellent company: to name but a few, Alexandra of Arttrav, Georgette Jupe aka Girl in Florence (whom I don’t have the pleasure of knowing in person, but I have heard great things about her!), Nelson Carvalheiro, and Francesca Volpe. Well, if one is known by the company one keeps, I am all set!

I should be even more grateful for having been included in this amazing list of the 8 top Tuscany-based bloggers. Again, the company my blog keeps here is humbling: A Dusty Olive Green, ArtTrav, Girl in Florence, Juls’ Kitchen, (which by the way has just celebrated its glorious 6th birthday!), Living in Florence,¬†Surviving in Italy, and Tiana’s Travels.

If you don’t know FlipKey, (seriously?!), it’s a vacation rental portal associated with Tripadvisor and the first one to integrate verified Tripadvisor reviews in the rental ads. We have two ads with them for our vacation rentals, Casina di Rosa and Behind the Tower.


  1. Neil phillips

    Hi Gloria I was hoping you could help me we are thinking of going to Tuscany in May and I want to use Pisa as my base would you recommend this is pisa a good base to get around many thanks for you’re help .

  2. Gloria,

    I am so happy I found your site. We recently began renting villas for some friends we have in Tuscany, here in the US. And I have been looking for various blogs and other informational sites I can direct some of our visitors to. Yours looks like one and I definitely will be checking out the 8_ Top Tuscany based bloggers info as well. Please feel free to visit our website and contact us, we’d love to count you as a friend.

  3. Jen

    Congratulations for being name as one of the top Tuscany Travel Destination Expert you deserve it.
    Are there other available vacation rentals in Tuscany besides Casina di Rosa and Behind the Tower?

    • There most certainly are. But those are ours, therefore the best! (and I won’t help the competition! LOL)

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