24 Mar 2012

A personal post to thank all the friends who have written to us over the past few days.

Starting over

peach trees in bloom

A very personal post to thank all the friends who wrote to us over the past couple of days. The spring has finally arrived, with beautiful sunny days and temperatures of 20°C (68°F) or more. As you can imagine, it is a sad  beginning of spring for us though, because we have just lost our beloved dog. She left us on the first day of spring, she went with the winter. She was by all means a member of the family and we miss her very much.

All of a sudden, the things we loved so much to do, such as taking long walks in the countryside, laying in the sun under the oak trees, cuddling on the sofa under a blanket don’t give us the same joy as they used to.

So how do you snap out of this sense of emptiness that she left behind? Well, we have to start over. We have to make new memories. We will never forget her of course, but we must find new joy in the little things of our everyday life without her. We have our baby to build memories with: a new “configuration” of our family.

So today we went to our house in the countryside as we used to. We visited the place where my husband buried her with her favorite ball, under an olive tree, in the fields that she loved to sniff inch by inch, and we took a little walk with our son Liam. It is not easy yet, but time will help us.

We will go back to Pisa tomorrow and we will have to start over there too. Luckily we have each other, and in time maybe we will be ready to add another furry friend to our family.


  1. Carol and Kathy

    Dear Gloria,

    We are very saddened to hear of the loss of Candy. We were lucky to have met her when in Pisa.

    Though we’ve never had a dog, we did lose a very special and beloved cat , Brady and still recall how very hard it was. Now, many years later, we still think of him and feel very lucky to have had him for the time we did, for like every animal, he was very special part of our family, too.

    Starting over is exactly what it takes, and I guess it is fitting that her death came at the start of this beautiful season that unlike others, provides new life and hope.

    Give that beautiful little Liam a kiss from us.

    Love to you all,
    Kathy and Carol

    • Thank you for your kind words!

  2. abbraccioni Glo, da tutti noi!

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