14 Feb 2012

Some good ways to say “I love myself”!

Valentine’s Day in Tuscany: Ideas for Singles

I love myself

I have already written about Valentine’s Day in Tuscany, about romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day in Tuscany, about romantic Italian movies you can watch if you can’t think of anything better to do with your loved one on Valentines Day, and about great free, inexpensive and pricey St. Valentine‚Äôs Day activities in Tuscany… So, what else is left to talk about?! Well, we get many requests from solo-travellers trying to avoid spending Valentine’s Day in Tuscany alone… But there is no need for Valentine’s Day to be a depressing holiday if you are single or travelling solo in Tuscany: there are more and more events every year that are organized for singles!

Valentine’s Day activities for singles

  1. Pamper youself at the spas. If you are single or travelling with friends, there is nothing better to declare your love to yourself than a day at the spas. If you are travelling on a shoestring you can go to one of the less expensive spas like Terme di Petrolo, or choose a hotel or agriturismo with a spa. If you want to splurge, you have plenty of choices, such as the Petriolo Spa Resort, Grotta Giusti Golf & Spa Resort, Terme di Saturnia, or Bagni di Pisa.
  2. Participate in a murder mystery party (you might need to speak Italian). Wouldn’t a party at a place like Torre Santa Flora be fun?!
  3. If you feel brave, you can participate in a speed dating event!
  4. You can take a cooking class!
  5. You can go to the theatre.
  6. Take a chocolate tasting tour!

(From amazing bubbleandsweet blog)

And if you happen to be in a university city such as Pisa, Florence or Siena, you will find plenty of parties in pubs and bars!

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