28 Jul 2011

A few photos taken in the countryside of Tuscany after the rain and in the early morning.

A crazy, beautiful summer!

civitella marittima

Over the past few days we have spent more time in the countryside. The dog has woken us up earlier than usual: I guess she is all excited by the noises and the smells outside and she is ready to explore the surroundings at 6 am! Not really the time we were hoping to get up during our “staycation”… Truth be told, though, this has given us a chance to see the countryside under a different light… in the literal sense of the world! The morning light is wonderful!
morning light in Tuscany

morning light in Tuscany

morning light in Tuscany

The weather this summer has been a bit crazy up to now. We had a cool June, a very hot early July and a cool and rainy second half of the month. It has been raining quite a lot, and the temperature is lower than it usually is at this time of the year, but the countryside after a summer rainfall is spectacular!

rainbow over the Tuscan countryside

the Tuscan countryside after the rain

a dark dark sky over the village

Here are some more shots we have taken over the past few days!

A cappuccino under the oak trees

The village emerging from the clouds

The countryside of Tuscany after the rain

Roccastrada in the morning light

The countryside of Tuscany in the morning

The village in the morning mist


  1. L

    Lovely photos. I love Tuscany, beautiful region.

  2. Thank you!

  3. Dave & Julie

    Lovely pctures Gloria!!!! We’ve never been in the Tuscany countryside…It looks great!
    We love Italy, especially Tuscany. We have been there a couple of times. Isola d’Elba and Forte dei Marmi…. lovely places. The Hotel Augustus was memorable, they made our holiday unforgettable

    • Thank you! You should visit Southern Tuscany then! It’s completely different from the area you have visited, especially the Versilia!

      • Thank you for the suggestion! We will… We knew Isola d’Elba was going to be great, but we were pleasantly surprised by Forte dei Marmi, the beach, the streets, the people…Everything! Tuscany is so beautiful..!

  4. These pictures are very beautiful i love the tuscany region, the countryside is magnificant.

  5. Hi! Gloria,
    I found your website and Love it! My husband and I will be in Italy in July for 10 days…
    I dream is to drive around in Tuscany…
    How much time did you spend driving based on this map??

    If I allow 2 days for Southern Tuscany, will that be good?

    • Hi Karen, oh that is a very short drive. It’s the old road that led from Siena to the sea, you can drive that itinerary in 1 hour stopping for photos. It is a circular drive from our village to Paganico, Monte Antico and back on the old road. One update: instead of stopping at La Pievanella, stop either at Podere Santa Maria or in Civitella at the amazing Locanda nel Cassero.

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