26 Jul 2010

If Keith of Velvet Escape ever asks me to write something about a “velvet moment”, well, this will be my story!

Velvet Encounters

Today the coolest thing happened. I was at the beautiful Fattoria La Pievanella by chance. I was helping out the owner with some translation work when I heard her talk to some American people who had stopped by to ask if it was possible to get something to eat.

Normally, it’s always better to book in advance there (and be prepared for the prices) because the restaurant works mostly for the guests and if the guests choose to go out for the day, the chef gets some time off. As you can imagine, he cannot leave at any other time during the tourist season. Anyway, I went out to help out with the language barriers (the owner is German) and in the end she decided that she could ask the chef to prepare a light lunch for them anyway. She asked me if in the meanwhile I could take them around to see the pool etc. They seemed very nice, so I did.

While we were walking down to the pool, I noticed they had something printed and I asked how they found the place. They told me they had read about an off-the-beaten-path drive in Tuscany online… It was the guest post I wrote for Keith’s Velvet’s Escape Travel Blog!!! There was a  photo of me, my bio etc! It was so weird and so cool at the same time! We had a good laugh!

They had lunch there, and then we took photos and talked a while! It was so funny! I almost felt like a star! LOL

In the end, when I was ready to leave, I guided them along my favourite route around there, to the Castle of Monte Antico. There they stopped to take a walk around and some photos and we said goodbye!

Ah…the power of the web!!! I need to thank Keith once again for asking me to write that guest post and in so doing, for giving me a chance to meet nice people like them!! I hope they will send the photo we took with the print-out of the article!!!


  1. Hi Gloria,
    This is an incredible story! WOW! I’m still smiling just imagining the look on your face when they pulled out your Velvet Escape travel tip guest post! Hahahaha! Brilliant! It really is such a small world. Amazing!


  2. It was pretty cool. However, Keith, it’s not the world that is small, it’s your blog that is huge! LOL

  3. What an incredible story! It IS a small world after all…that or you just really are a rock star!

  4. Taryn P.

    That was us! Thanks so much for everything Gloria! We had such a wonderful day thanks to you!!!

  5. Ciao!!! Thank you!!! You have to send me that photo don’t forget! LOL It was a lovely surprise! I hope you had a good time despite the crazy owner of the place!


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